Loungeparties Masquerade Ball
Loungeparties Valentines Masquerade Ball 06 Feedback

This is what guests said about it …

Thanks to Cliff and his team, and the other unsung heroes. We really had a great evening.

We have found non Loungeparties events to be over-hyped and then arrived to find our inflated expectations dashed in seconds by the seedy and tacky environment.

There is a genuine demand for more sophisticated events and we would be happy to pay more in the future. As for increasing the number of couples we wouldn’t mind but would prefer it to remain an Loungeparties only event. We are members on a couple of sites but we definitely prefer the people we have met on Loungeparties and feel there is a definite sense of community here.



Dear Cliff and Loungeparties Team,

Ditto the comments made to regarding the Valentines Ball. We were amazed at how welcome we were made to feel by all who attended to make it an extremely memorable first debut evening. We will certainly attend future events and look forward to meeting more sexy, sophisticated and fun people. A special thanks to Clifford for dealling with our membership in such a last minute manner. We look forward to meeting more of you soon.

Yours, M and B xx


Wow - what a party! The Valentines Ball was definitely THE most glamorous thing I've ever been to.
The people were hugely warm, suitably beautiful, and extremely keen to help me benefit from my virgin voyage (you know who you were, those of you that helped in the very hands on sense).

I can't wait for the next one. Already quivering with anticipation...



Just to say a big thanks to all who organised the event. It was fantastic.

Mine and fetishgirls first event and loved it. No pressure, great people, great venue and great atmosphere.
To all we meet, thanks for making it special and a special yum to that lovely kitten who made the night perfect for us

Fundomuk and Fetishgirl


Thank you Cliff & Co for organising such a great event. We enjoyed every moment from it. Everything was magnificent. Congratulations!
And what a beautiful crowd.
Certainly one of the best and most high class parties we've ever been to. Cant wait for the next.
D & G


Well what an initiation ceremony for this Loungeparties Virgin!! A spectacular introduction and, to echo others, I was made to feel very welcome. I too understand the amount of work and cost that goes into something like this so many thanks to Cliff, Sophie all the organisers, volunteers and sponsors.

Thanks again to all concerned and to all who made me feel so welcome. Loungeparties is certainly full of interesting, warm, friendly and fun people I’d be happy to meet again.

G xx


Thank you Cliff and Co! The champagne flowed, the performers were brilliant, the atmosphere electric and the company sensational! Excellent weekend, thanks to A and J who sorted out the Friday social also!

S and Tony xxoo


Thanks to everyone who made the weekend a fantastic event we had a wonderful time and it was fun trying to put names to faces we had only previously seen in pics on the profiles (which I have to say I was scarily good at, must be spending too long on here!)

Venue and everything about it was stunning and everyone looked fantastic with or without the masks.

Big thanks to all the team esp Sophie who sorted out all our travel woes to and from the airport and thanks to everyone who said hello and made us feel very welcome on our first event

P & K


Hi guys ...a belated thank you from us both. It was our first event and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was great to meet so many of you friendly people and we were both very excited to be there. Great venue Cliff and some stunning costumes ! We had a lot of fun and are already looking forward to our next venture out !!

S & N x


Also want to add our thanks to the organisers. Such a good night! Met loads of great people, truly unforgettable. Only a shame we lost track of a few people we would have loved to see more of...

Surprised that people seemed to like our crazy kitties/glasses combo... Everyone was dressed amazingly.

Now I'm off to watch Eyes Wide Shut finally...
H (R is at work but would say the same)


A great event set in a fantastic venue. The performances by the artistes were awesome and the work done by all in charge superb. Well done to all concerned....the bar has been raised!


A truly spectacular event, the layout was a perfect use of a truly wonderful venue. A big thanks to all who had a hand in making it happen so successfully and congratulations to a lovely crowd of people that attended and made the night so friendly and sexy. We don't want to wish time away but roll on next year.
N & A


Another belated thankyou from C and me. We're brand new to the scene, this was our first ever party and it will stay in our memory for a very long time. Everyone was so friendly, the atmosphere was hot but unpressured and, to our surprise, we got stuck in relatively early in the evening, starting off with a very skillful demonstration from the whip-meister-general (you know who you are...), followed by some "interaction" with a few more sexy couples (again, you know who you are...). We can't wait for the next event

(And constructive criticism about how poorly C's pictures reflect her in real life gratefully received, thanks Maz, I shall rectify that as soon as possible, hopefully with C's input this time oops )

I & C


A bit late with the thank you from us, we're only just really waking up. A truly wonderful evening, perfect down to every detail, visually stunning from the moment we arrived, blindingly stimulating and a beautiful, mad bunch of people. Thank you all. Cliff you're a genius.

L and P


A huge thank you and big hugs to the organisers for all of your hard work in making the ball happen. We had a... ball!

It was wonderful to see all of our friends looking so sexy and also to meet some fantastic new people.

Thanks also to the gorgeous A and J for organising a very flirtatious Friday night social (and to Loony toons for sharing the raspberry lipgloss).

Z & A


It was really good for us to meet so many sexy people for our first Loungeparties bash, we had a great time and will be coming to future events.
It was a very Grand setting, but the thing that made it most for us was how welcome everyone made us feel having only joined the site last Sunday.
Hope to be at the next event
G and C xxx


Although I'm only echoing what's been said above, we'd like to add our thanks to Cliff and Co for organising such a fabulous evening.

I had a great time (some of you may have noticed...) and it's a shame we have to wait another year for an encore. We really enjoyed meeting so many lovely sexy people and are looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

K & J


Just to add our thanks to cliff and all his delightful helpers for organising such an amazing event. It was sexy, fun, and deliciously enjoyable in every sense. It was so good to meet old friends and new, our only regret is that the evening flew by ( even though we lasted until 3.30am) and we did not get a chance to chat to more people. Never mind we are looking forward to the next Loungeparties meeting when we can all meet up again.

Thanks again to everyone to made the evening so great
J and J xx


Thank you for a excellent weekend.
From the Friday social organised by Angela and John (thank you) to this morning we had a superb time. Hotel, venue, entertainment and the sexy play from Loungeparties members was top class.

As with every Loungeparties event you come away meeting old friends and making new friends.

The effort in organising this event has not gone un-noticed!

J and E


Thank you cliff and all others involved with the organisation of last night. It was great to catch up with old and new friends in such sexy surroundings. We know how much work you must have put into it and it went without a hitch!
Gary & Jule XX


Thanks to Cliff and all the amazing people that had a hand in putting the event together. we had such fun! the music was amazing, the food was great and plenty of it! and lots and lots of drinks! we looved the entertaintment and most of it the people that we met. all the couples we had a chance to meet and share a drink with were amazing... the event was so much more than we were expecting, it was so elegant and classy all the way!!!

Hat off to Cliff for showing us such a great time, our only regret is that it only happens once a year!!!!

love bonnie and clyde


A very big thank you to Cliff and co for a fantastic night.

Still being fairly new to the scene the Marked Ball had always been top of our 'to do' list and last night lived up to all our expectations.
The location was ideal and the mix of sexy LPer's made for a very memorable night.

Well done to all those who organised, helped and performed

C & A


Just got back, feeling tired but with a huge grin on my face. Just want to say thanks to everyone involved in organising the event. The house was superb, particuarly liked the balcony, a perfect spot for people watching. It was everything that we wished for.

Would also like to thank the Loungeparties crowd, what a great mix of people. The conversation is lively and the sex is sizzling, what more could we ask for. The fact that everyone made such an effort and looked truly gorgeous was just a bonus. Roll on the next event, just wish that some of you lived further north.

C & N


Just now recuperating from a night of sex, fun and frolicks

Many thanks and well done Cliff for finding an amazing venue... it was grand in every sense of the word.... your organisers really did a fantastic job and we look forward to next years ball

L and M


We had a wonderful night at the LP Valentines Masked Ball, and we're glad to hear that everybody else feels the same. Everything was cool, the venue was spectacular, nice performances and atmosphere. Cliff really surpassed himself once again and we are all grateful, as the outcome was great!
Many thanks to all the boys and girls from Loungeparties and Renegade Girls for their help.
Of course, as always, the main reason for the success was the sexy guests.
We are looking forward to our next Loungeparties grand event
Kisses and love
J & M