Exclusive Swinging Parties & Socials for Couples and Single Girls


Getting the most out of a socials

The following are some tips to help guests get the most out of the evening.

Our social evenings are for couples to meet face to face in a no pressured environment. They are an efficient way of meeting lots of genuine couples in one evening without any pressure or awkwardness that goes with one on one meetings. At socials you have the unique opportunity to get the true sense of ones personality that is not revealed on an internet profile.

Some tips for first timers

  • Get there early. It might be tempting to have a few drinks before hand but if you are new and want to socialise get there early. So many couples have had a few drinks at a nearby bar in the hope they will be more relaxed and ease into the party later but end up feeling isolated when it appears that everyone else is getting along great giving the impression that they are old friends. If you are a little shy or nervous please make an effort to get their early, that way you can meet couples as they gradually arrive.
  • Circulate. The point of the evening is to meet others. You might find you get on really well with another couple but we urge you to introduce yourselves to a few others. Try make a point of meeting everyone there. No one will be offended if you circulate, or you could circulate with your new friends. Human interaction is so much better than email or online chat so make the most of the opportunity. You can mail and arrange to meet up with those special couples at any later date.
  • Depending on the venue think twice about sitting down if you are looking to mingle. When a couple walk in and sit down away from others they give the message they want to be alone and check out the scene. If you are shy stand closer to a bar or where others are more likely to strike up conversation.
  • Don't be shy. Everyone is a little nervous but we are all there for the same reason, to meet others. Don't be shy to introduce yourselves. Sticking up conversation doesn't necessarily mean you want to have sex with each other, although it might. There will be a lot of interesting people there make the most of the opportunity.
  • Respect. We are all open minded swingers or potential swingers out to meet similar, but everyone has their own limits and views, please respect others. If you don't quite click at least you know, move on and circulate.

Good luck

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